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Allah U Justice

Hon. Michael Beavers


Divine Prince Allah

Hon. Ronald Douglas



Lord Merciful Allah

Hon. Mark Woods

Assistant Secretary


Universal Shakim Allah

Hon. Dwayne Emery



Allah’s Mathematics

Hon. Sheldon Herron

OCM Liaison

Lord Jamel Allah

Hon. Julius Lee

Programs Coordinator


Allah Shah

Hon. Kenneth Jones

Programs Coordinator


Prof. True & Living Allah

Correspondence Coordinator


Allah Savior

Hon. Lawrence Mack

Paralegal Advisor








In this present era, a time marked by radical social changes, economic prosperity, and tremendous new developments in the frontiers of science and technology, we have witnessed historic advancements in society that have forever altered the course of man. Amid all these changes, there still exists a growing chasm between the opportunities afforded to children in poverty-

areas and those residing in neighborhoods that are more affluent. In our communities, we find young men and women of every ethnic distinction going to prison at alarming rates, also higher unemployment , while educational institutions are failing to educate our children. These are merely a few of the challenges we face as a nation in this 21st century.

We at the Allah Youth Center In Mecca Inc. have recognized the need to address these disparities with community-based youth intervention through a medium of various social and economic programs. Before stating what are our specific objectives and programs, we think it is necessary to make you cognizant of the sheer magnitude of some serious problems plaguing our communities daily.

Statistics from The Bureau of Justice (2018)reports when looking at the average state rates of incarceration, they find that of Blacks overall, are incarcerated at a rate of 1,408 per 100,000 while whites are incarcerated at a rate of 275 per 100,000. This means that Blacks are incarcerated at a rate that is 5.1 times that of whites. This national look also shows that Hispanics are held in state prisons at an average rate of 378 per 100,000, producing a ratio of 1.4:1 when compared to whites. Additionally, the current Bureau of Labor statistics unemployment rates for Black males and females according to Bureau of Labor statistics (2019-2020) reveals the rates are still highest among major racial groups in the U.S. Based on rates for September 2020 Black males 16 and older: 11.8 Black females: 10.4 

One can clearly see that from the two examples given, that it is imperative that we confront these issues and formulate real solutions to them. The Allah School In Mecca Office of Cultural Management was formed mainly to address these issues, and to establish an outreach center for the growth and development of neighborhood youths, regardless of their ethnic, social, or economic standing, providing them a supportive learning environment for their educational, social and personal enrichment. And by such achievements counter the endemic recidivism that has proven to limit their advancement and prosperity in society.

The specific objectives of The Allah School In Mecca Office of Cultural Management Inc. are as follows:

Training focused on self-development to instill and reinforce the merits of community based youth intervention, necessary to confront local neighborhood issues, rather than avoiding and escaping the ramifications of these issues

Establish community youth participation in planning, evaluation, and implementation of various educational and social program design and activities.

Structured economic programs specifically designed to provide experience and inspire entrepreneurial skills in students subsequently introducing the concept of life-long self sufficiency. Thereby reducing the rates of high unemployment among youths and the recidivism it fosters.

Fostering understanding of cultural origin, and its sociopolitical impacts to serve as a foundation for self-identity.

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